Product & Service Photography

Do you need Product & Service Photography for your business to use on your website for blogs and your social media sites? Do you struggle with your camera phone to get the right image? A Product & Service Photography session is designed to create all the images you need for your business.

DeAnna Zak Portraits has the experience to capture professional images that will highlight your product or service and create, not only interest to your potential client but also build trust.

Product & Service images will vary based on the number of employees and products or services.

  • Owner: Profile, Portrait, Candid images of the owner in a variety of poses with and without extended backgrounds.
  • Employee: Three to Five Head-shots of the owner. Group image and Candid shot of employees. Employees will be photographed alone or in a group. I will use a variety of poses with or without extended backgrounds.
  • Products: Individual items on a solid background and/or in a setting that is most appealing for the product. For example (model) holding or using your product.
  • Services: Images of owner or employee interacting with a customer (Model). For example, if your service is Makeup up Artistry, we would capture staged images of the customer (Model) having makeup applied.
  • Behind the scenes: Create images of owner/employee performing tasks. Such tasks as talking on the phone, working at the computer, writing, drawing, etc. Create pull back images of owner/employee providing service to the customer. For Example pull-back shot of the photographer taking the picture of the customer (model). This will help the customer to see the environment in which it takes place. Images of outside buildings and interior rooms with no people present.
  • Real Estate: Multiple images of each room and outside areas to capture the uniqueness of each property. A Model may be used in staged photos to show the comfort of home. This will help your potential clients see themselves living at the property.
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