DeAnna Zak


DeAnna Zak is A Luxury Portrait Photographer based out of Medford, New Jersey, who loves to design, create, and capture amazing images!

I offer Exclusive Luxury Portrait sessions which makes you feel as though you are royalty. This full pamper session will bring out your inner beauty and is so powerful you will see yourself as a beautiful, confident woman who no longer needs to hide from the camera. You will leave my studio feeling as though you have transformed into a sexy confident woman.

Do you dream of beautiful photographs of yourself that you long to share with those you love and to pass down to your children?

The truth is we all dream of beautiful portraits. We all want to feel sexy and beautiful no matter our age. We all want people to stop and say, WOW! “You look stunning!”

How do you dream of being photographed?

DeAnna Zak has the professional experience to create the amazing photographs you desire I invite you to a portrait session with me. Because you deserve Beautiful portraits of yourself. I want to photograph you so that you own the best photograph you have ever seen of yourself. Exist in portraits for yourself, your family, and to create a legacy of beautiful portraits to cherish for a lifetime.

Whether you need a family portrait, a portrait of your husband, mother, daughter, sister, your best friend, senior photos, a personal branding session or you want a DREAM photoshoot. I will customize the perfect photoshoot for you..

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